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Nick Elston

Nick Elston

Professional Speaker on the Lived Experience of Mental Health Featured on BBC & global media outlets Keynote Speaker for Accountex & Accountex Summit North Guest writer for Receipt Bank, XU Magazine & AccountingWEB's resident Agony Uncle Member of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing

Inspirational Speaker
Nick Elston

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Everyone has had adversity. Everyone has survived or thrived through a challenge. Do you let yours define you or inspire you? Nick Elston has used his life experiences and adversities to forge a powerful, emotional, ‘brutally honest’, heartfelt yet funny message which he delivers GLOBALLY – in his signature Keynote Seminar ‘Talking Anxiety’. Having had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) & heightened Anxiety for most of his life – things reached a breakdown point in 2012 when everything came to a head. In Life, in Business – we all wear Masks – we try to be what people or situations want to see in us – not who we truly are – we are conditioned to not share our Mental Health issues. It was at that point that Nick decided to share his story – and unveil the Mask… Fast forward to today – Nick Elston is one of the highest profile and leading Inspirational Speakers on the subjects of Anxiety, Mental Health & Wellbeing – from an experience sharing perspective – and delivers his talks to Stages, Corporates, Boardrooms, Factories, Universities, Schools & Events WORLDWIDE! Nick will inspire YOU by focussing not just on his story – but offering his top tips and insights into managing Anxiety in Life & Business – both personally and professionally.