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Keynote: Re-thinking The Future Of Work, an Interview with a Futurist

A talk by Tom Goodwin
Global Head of Futures and Insight, Publicis Groupe

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About this talk

The last few years have seen incredible new technology emerge and add to how we live our lives and do our jobs, and we now live in an era of peak complexity.

So far we’ve said yes to everything, augmented how we do things, but life seems more complex than ever, technology offers more promises than answers, and as a global healthcare crisis sweeps across the world we all need to change faster than ever.

In this 20 min presentation, 20 mins fireside chat and 20 min Q&A, Tom will explore topics like:

We talk a lot about Digital Transformation, but it’s mainly about cultural transformation, how will trust, empowerment, collaboration, and policy help you reinvent how and where you work.

Spaces and Time blend, how can both remote, distributed and asynchronous working help you gain a better advantage and secure and motivate top talent.

Process and People, how can you rethink company roles and structure, processes and recruitment.

Technology, how tech like AI, 5G, VR, cloud-based solutions may or may not change how we work

How to reality innovate. Innovation is often merchandised and celebrated but rarely done, how can companies genuinely embrace the power of the new. Not another hackathon

Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin is the EVP Global Head of Futures and Insight for Publicis Groupe, his role is to understand new technology, behaviours and platforms and ideate and implement solutions for clients that take advantage of the new opportunities these make possible. In 2018 Tom published the book “Digital Darwinism” with Kogan Page to help companies understand how to digitally and culturally transform and think more about the future and innovation. Tom has spoken in over 80 cities in 40 countries around the world, has been voted the #1 Voice in Marketing Globally by LinkedIn for 2 years (with over 700,000 followers). With an 18 year career that spans creative, PR, digital and media agencies and also launching his own (failed) consulting business, Tom is an industry provocateur as a columnist for the Guardian, TechCrunch and Forbes and frequent contributor to GQ, The World Economic Forum, Ad Age, Wired, Ad Week, Inc, MediaPost and Digiday. Tom was a founding member of Wharton’s Future of Advertising Board, sits on the World Economic Forum’s Future of Workstream, features on Global TV as a regular guest on i24News’s “Cutting Edge” section and runs a global inspiration event and podcast called “Interesting people in interesting times” which has featured Andrew Yang, Scott Galloway and Jaron Lanier. Tom is very slowly and reluctantly developing a speaking bureau as a side project called ”Interesting Speakers”, while trying to invent a smart-blind. Tom is based in New York